Journal of
Organizational Psychology

ISSN: 2158-3609

     The Journal of Organizational Psychology (JOP) aims to publish empirical reports and theoretical reviews of research in the field of organizational psychology. The journal will focus on research and theory in all topics associated with organizational psychology within and across individual, group and organizational levels of analysis, including but not limited to: personnel selection and training; organizational assessment and development; risk management and loss control leadership development, marketing and consumer behavior research,  organizational culture, organizational justice, organizational performance,  performance appraisal, feedback, staffing and selection. It is also the aim of JOP for all research to have an end benefit to practitioners and policy makers. All empirical methods-including, but not limited to, qualitative, quantitative, field, laboratory, meta-analytic, and combination methods-are welcome. Accepted manuscripts must make strong empirical and/or theoretical contributions and highlight the significance of those contributions to the organizational psychology field. JOP is not tied to any particular discipline, level of analysis, or national context. 

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