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Applied Business and Economics

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* - Special Issue

The Journal of Applied Business and Economics is dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of business and economic knowledge by publishing, through a blind, refereed process, ongoing results of research in accordance with international scientific or scholarly standards. Articles are written by business leaders, policy analysts and active researchers for an audience of specialists, practitioners and students. Articles of regional interest are welcome, especially those dealing with lessons that may be applied in other regions around the world.  This would include, but not limited to areas of marketing, management, finance, accounting, management information systems, human resource management, organizational theory and behavior, operations management, economics and econometrics, or any of these disciplines in an international context.
     Focus of the articles should be on applications and implications of business, management and economics.  Theoretical articles are welcome as long as their focus is in keeping with JABE’s applied nature.
1. Generate an exchange of ideas between scholars, practitioners and industry specialists
2. Enhance the development of the Business and Economic disciplines
3. Acknowledge and disseminate achievement in regional business and economic development thinking
4. Provide an additional outlet for scholars and experts to contribute their ongoing work in the area of 
applied cross-functional business and economic topics.