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Entrepreneurial Creation of Social Value: The Basement for Post-Crisis Recovery

Author(s): Anna Svirina

Citation: Anna Svirina, (2012) "Entrepreneurial Creation of Social Value: The Basement for Post-Crisis Recovery," Vol. 6, Iss. 3, pp. 95 - 104

Article Type: Research paper

Publisher: North American Business Press


Global economic crisis started in 2007 had revealed two main problems which appeared and grew within pre-crisis period. The first one is lack of entrepreneurial activity which leads to decrease in workplaces and progress (high tech sphere or biotechnology growth seems to be an exception which only proves the rule)-it can be easily seen from statistics analysis that there are only a few countries where entrepreneurial activity is growing while in the others even people with some entrepreneurial spirit prefer to become employees at big corporations. The second one is the misbalance in economic activities of real, financial and virtual sector enterprises. As far as statistics shows maximum profitability can be seen in banking (including investment banking) or virtual sector while both of them are in a certain way distributing tomorrow’s payments into today’s quickly achieved profits. Such attitude seem to suit shareholders who achieve extra income but is completely opposite to real entrepreneurial attitude since entrepreneurs are mainly concerned with making the world a better place instead of earning money.