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Micro-Business Hierarchies, Strategic Intangible Resources & Performance

Author(s): Richard L. Oliver, Janice A. Black

Citation: Richard L. Oliver, Janice A. Black, (2011) "Micro-Business Hierarchies, Strategic Intangible Resources & Performance" Vol. 5, Iss. 5, pp. 9 - 28

Article Type: Research paper

Publisher: North American Business Press


An existing gap in the literature on founding-leaders and small business growth is, “What happens to
strategically important socially-created resources and performance as a micro-firm grows?” Using agent
based modeling, we examine the development of such a resource, CONTEXT-FOR-LEARNING, and a
performance potential across the first hierarchical structural change. The model that mimics a solo work
group (2 levels: individual and group) and that which has two work groups (4 levels: individual, group,
leadership team, and organization). Most of our hypotheses were confirmed but one interesting difference
was that some marginal conditions that supported maintaining a socially-created resource resulted in
worse performance levels.