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Perceptions as Influencer of Consumer Choice Behavior:
The Case of Tourism in Nigeria

Author(s): Oluwole Iyiola, Olufemi Akintunde

Citation: Oluwole Iyiola, Olufemi Akintunde, (2011) "Perceptions as Influencer of Consumer Choice Behavior:
The Case of Tourism in Nigeria" Vol. 5, Iss. 7, pp. 27 - 36

Article Type: Research paper

Publisher: North American Business Press


Consumers will form opinion(s) on a particular product based on information at their disposal, which will
determine whether such product is selected. Destination images influence a tourist's travel decisionmaking,
cognition and behavior at a destination as well as satisfaction levels and recollection of the
experience (Jenkins, 1999). A survey was conducted in the United States, of potential tourists aimed at
understanding the role perceptions of potential American outbound tourists to Nigeria and how consumers
choose their destinations; based on information at their disposal. Descriptive statistics were used to
examine the distribution of variables. All statistics were two-tailed at 0.05 significance level.