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Augmented Reality Shopping Services –
Key Factors Affecting Customer Evaluation and Acceptance

Author(s): Norman Wiebach, Hendrik Send

Citation: Norman Wiebach, Hendrik Send, (2020) "Augmented Reality Shopping Services – Key Factors Affecting Customer Evaluation and Acceptance," Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness, Vol. 14, Iss. 4,  pp. 91-100

Aricle Type: Research paper

Publisher: North American Business Press


Augmented Reality (AR) will have the potential to alter strategies within digital marketing and especially mobile marketing in the next few years. We conducted a test of a prototypical purchasing process based on Microsoft HoloLens technology in a laboratory setting with a group of test persons and collected the impressions of the users through semi-structured interviews. In our research, we firstly identified numerous challenges in the interaction with AR shopping technology such as the correct execution of gestures for interaction with the technology. At the same time, however, we were able to show that the users perceived the clear advantages of this technology, for instance, the contextual presentation of products in a real-world setting. Finally, the enthusiasm and goodwill of the users are two unexpected and salient results that warrant future research.